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    What can you do to conserve?

    If you are wondering how you can become more sustainable in your daily life, take a look at the suggestions below.

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    Conserving energy, water, fuel, and decreasing waste can be done in simple, but effective ways: 

    What can you do to conserve energy?

    • Turn off all lights after use
    • Install motion sensor lights in bathrooms, bedrooms, and other spaces
    • Turn off appliances and electronics when not in use
    • Turn off computer monitor and printer at the end of the day 
    • Consider the most energy-efficient option when purchasing appliances

    What can you do to conserve water?

    • Turn off faucets while not in use (i.e. brushing teeth, shaving)
    • Only run washing machines and dishwashers when fully loaded
    • Take short showers
    • Fix leaks
    • Update landscaping to native species

    What can you do to conserve fuel?

    • Invest in an electric vehicle
    • Carpool to work
    • Walk, catch the bus, or ride a bike
    • Use conference and video conferencing
    • Arrange meetings close to the majority of attendees

    What can you do to help save the Earth?

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